• 8:30AM Registration
  • 10:00AM - How I Hacked Your Small Business... And How you Could Have Stopped Me
    Vince Matteo
    In 2018, 58% of cyber-attack victims were small businesses. In this talk we’ll go through the steps an attacker might use to mask their identity and then we’ll explore real scenarios where significant compromise had been accomplished in small businesses due to seemingly harmless configurations.
  • 11:00AM - Collective Intelligence: Crowdsourcing Cyber Threat Intel Successes, Challenges and Opportunities
    Rob Fry - @_robfry
    There are many crowdsourced CTI initiatives from both the user and vendor community and yet their ability to provide value has been limited. This talk will go over successes and challenges over the last 7 years in trying to get two-way value from CTI and opportunities for better implementation.
  • 12:00AM - Confessions of a Sysadmin
    Ell Marquez - @Ell_o_Punk and Allie Barnes - @ac1dgoddess
    Many of us in the technical community have heard the saying RTFM (Read The [Friendly] Manual) as advice given to someone learning Linux. In Confessions of a Sysadmin, we will share a practical approach to learning to navigate the command line, being successful in choosing Linux as your daily driver and share some of the secrets we have learned along the way.
  • 12:30PM LUNCH
  • 1:30PM - Software Supply Chain Attacks and You
    Dan Lorenc - @lorenc_dan
    Open source is under attack, and you are too. Software supply chain attacks are getting easier, and happening more and more often. Learn how to protect yourself from them, and how we need to work together as an industry to prevent this type of attack all together. In this talk, Dan will explain what software supply chain attacks are, what you need to know about them, and how you can start to protect yourself.
  • 2:00PM - Threat Intelligence vs Attribution-Driven Threat Intelligence: Cybersecurity's 'War of the Roses'
    Will Gragido - @eg0sum
    We will explore in detail, the pros & cons of products offerings, and schools of thought that advocates machine-readable threat intelligence vs. attribution-driven threat intelligence. We’ll look at what’s possible, what’s not, why, all with a nod to one of history’s great rivalries.
  • 3:00PM - Harnessing the Power of Apprenticeship to Bridge the Cybersecurity Workforce Gap
    Paige Thompson
    Purdue University’s Cyber Apprenticeship Program (PCAP) is a paradigm shift in education. Using PCAP and the apprenticeship model, employers add an undervalued but highly effective passageway to obtain and retain talent, allowing them to grow their own cyber professionals.
  • 4:00PM - Powershell to the People!
    Jimmy James
    The goal of this presentation is to share knowledge about PowerShell that would be valuable for anyone that wants to learn more, no matter what level of PowerShell foo you are at. The ultimate hope is that everyone walks away with use cases and tools they could use today.